U.S. Air Force Research Lab Summer Faculty Fellowship Program

U.S. Air Force Research Lab Summer Faculty Fellowship Program

U.S. Air Force Research Lab Summer Faculty Fellowship Program

Detailed Instructions

Section 1: Citizenship and Demographic Information

Citizenship Information

You will need to provide the following:

  1. Citizenship status
  2. Country of birth

Note: If you have questions regarding eligibility, please refer to the Eligibility section of this website.

Demographic Information

This information will not be provided to evaluators and will not impact your eligibility in any way. This information is used for statistical purposes only, to determine the degree to which members of diverse sections of the eligible population are aware of and apply for this program.

  1. Gender
  2. Disability
  3. Ethnicity
  4. Race
  5. How did you hear about the program?

**Remember to save your information before leaving this section.**

Section 2: Contact Information

You will need to provide the following:

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Home mailing address (If you are awarded a fellowship, tax paperwork will be sent to this address.)

**Remember to save your information before leaving this section.**

Section 3: Employment Information

Type in the name of the college or university where you are currently employed in the School Search box.

  1. Select your Present Position. (Enter your position in the Other Position field if the option is not listed.)
  2. Select your discipline.
  3. Enter the name of your Department.
  4. Verify your Institution Name by highlighting it.
  5. Select your Institution Type.
  6. Confirm if you are a previous U.S. Air Force Research Lab Summer Faculty Fellowship Program awardee. (If so, what years did you serve tenure in the program?)
  7. Enter your institution's mailing address.

**Remember to save your information before leaving this section.**

Section 4: Curriculum Vitae

In order to complete the Air Force SFFP application, you will need to upload an electronic copy of your curriculum vitae (CV) in pdf format. Once a file has been uploaded, the name of that file is displayed on the Curriculum Vitae page. In order to change the uploaded CV, simply click on the Browse button and choose another document; the chosen document will replace the previously uploaded document.

A standard CV, supplemented if necessary to cover all items listed below, is acceptable provided that refereed articles are listed separately from lesser publications:

  1. Colleges attended, with dates of attendance and degrees received, field, and titles of theses and dissertations
  2. Chronology of professional employment and significant academic and professional activities
  3. List of publications: List refereed journal articles separately from reports, abstracts, paper in conference proceedings, etc.
  4. Research experience
  5. Courses taught
  6. List of current contract or grant activities: Please include title, funding source, funds per year, principal investigator, and the percentage of time charged to the contract or grant in the last year.

**Remember to save your information before leaving this section.**

Section 5: References

You will need to provide complete contact information for three (3) references for each program to which you apply. The first must be your Dean or Department Head. Click "Add new reference" to begin adding the following:

  1. Dean/Department Head's first and last name, email address, office phone number, institution, and address; select "Yes" to indicate the reference as your Dean or Department Head and enter the length of time you have known him or her. Click "Save this reference."
  2. Two professional references' first and last names, office phone numbers, email addresses, institutions, and addresses; select "No" to indicate these references are not your Dean or Department Head, and enter the length of time you have known them. Click "Save this reference."
    • Returning participants must submit a complete application, including a new CV and references. One of their references should also be their lab advisor from the previous summer.

Reference forms and letters will be submitted electronically; therefore, it is important to provide valid email addresses for your references. An email will be sent to your selected references with detailed instructions on how to submit their reference documents.

You can submit as many references as you wish; however, you can indicate only three (3) references per program, one of which must be your Dean or Department Head. Only these three (3) references will be accepted once your application has been submitted. You will not be able to make changes to which reference is associated with your program once you have submitted your application. You will be able to indicate references for each program on the Program Applications page of this application.

The deadline for reference forms and letters is November 30, 2021 at 11:59 PM EST.

Please note: Before you can begin entering information on the Program Applications page, you must have at least three (3) references listed on the References page.

**Remember to save your information before leaving this section.**

Section 6: Program Applications

You may apply to no more than two (2) research opportunities listed on the SFFP website. To apply to a new program, click "Add new program application." You can search for a research opportunity by keyword, research advisor, abstract number, research topic, or by Air Force research facility. Enter information in only one of the fields to find your program.

Once you find the appropriate program, click "Apply" to complete the program application form.

  1. Upload your proposal. If you are proposing including a graduate student in your research, their application must be included with your proposal. (Please note: It is highly recommended that you contact the advisor for the program to review your proposal first.) Graduate Student Application: Click Here
  2. Select a proposed start date: A start date should be discussed and agreed upon with the research advisor. If you have not decided on a specific date, enter an approximate start date. Your graduate student cannot be at the lab outside of your start and end dates.
  3. Select number of weeks requested: Enter the number of weeks (8-12) you would like to work at the lab. This is just a request and does not guarantee any length you may be awarded. (Please keep in mind that leave is not permitted during the program.
  4. Enter the title of your proposal.
  5. Indicate whether or not you would like to bring a graduate student with you to work on this program. (The student’s application must be included as a part of your proposal
  6. Enter your Statement of Academic Benefit: The Statement of Academic Benefit should include a description of how the SFFP will benefit teaching and research activities at your home academic institution (e.g. new courses, new curricula, new research projects). There is no limit to your Statement of Academic Benefit; typically, statements are approximately one to two pages in length.
  7. Select three (3) references: Choose three (3) references from the list of references you provided. One of the references must be your Department Head or Dean.

Once you have finished filling out this section, an email will go to the advisor of the program to which you are applying. Advisors will or will not approve your proposal. Advisors will approve only those applicants with whom they have spoken and whose proposals they have read. This approval will affect your score in the review process.

Your research proposal document should be no longer than 3000 words (approximately 4 single-spaced pages). Observe the following formatting requirements for the document:

  1. All submissions must be prepared separately in pdf format using a word processing program in a standard typeface no smaller than 12-point font.
  2. Include your full name at the top of each page.
  3. Number the pages in the body of the document.

Description of the proposed research must include the following:

  1. Statement of problem
  2. Background and relevance to previous work
  3. General methodolgy and procedure to be followed
  4. Explanation of new or unusual techniques
  5. Expected results and their significance and application
  6. Literature citations where appropriate
  7. Graduate Student Application (found here)

Please be aware that all the above listed components must be complete in order to save a program application. A partial application will not be accepted. If you have changes to make to a program application, you will need to first delete the original submission and start again by clicking on the "Add new program application" button.

**Remember to save your information before leaving this section.**

Submitting Your Application

  • All applications must be electronically submitted by November 30, 2021 at 11:59 PM EST.
  • Applicants' responses will be captured in a database each time information is entered online and saved. As long as the application has not been submitted, all responses can be changed prior to the November 30, 2021 deadline. Please note, however, that once you have officially submitted your application, you will be able to edit only your contact information.
  • Before you submit your application, you will be required to indicate how many hours were required for you to complete the application process. Once you have made this selection, click the "Submit application" button to officially submit your application. Note: Your application will not be officially submitted until you have clicked on this button. If you have successfully submitted your application, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. If you do not receive this automated e-mail, your application was not successfully submitted.

  • There is a "Logout" button located under your name at the top of the left sidebar of each page of the application. To log out of the application, you may click this button or simply close out of the application.
  • For more information, please direct inquiries to:

          Systems Plus/SFFP

          Telephone: (301) 948-4232

          Email: afsffp.pmo@sysplus.com